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Hello! We are Sparrow and we make loud noises (sometimes).



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None currently scheduled.


Liars Cover

Liars is our second release with 6 original songs, scheduled for February 1st, 2019 digitally. (Mastered by Acle Kahney - 4D Sounds, Tesseract)

It is the first half of a double album focused on the lies we deal with and tell ourselves to get through life. The second half will be released later in 2019. Expect 35% more grit and 17% less giving a shit compared to the first record.

Liars Drinks

Skin and Bone

Skin and Bone Cover

Skin and Bone is our debut release with 9 original songs, released June 30th, 2015 digitally and on vinyl. (Mastered by Acle Kahney - 4D Sounds, Tesseract)

It is a story about failing at life and the effects of exaggerated optimism on people growing up in the new millenium. Our creative process involved drinking a lot of beer and making funny noises at each other.

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